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New York Times Quote

“Mark Forrest Patrick, a dog trainer in Rochester, N.Y., said he’s seen a number of dogs who joined homes at the beginning of the pandemic and have since developed separation anxiety. They have become so attached to their owners that they show distress and anxiety when left alone.”

“Being able to train dogs over Zoom has enabled some trainers to expand their business. “It’s amazing that I now have clients in California, Florida and Kansas City, who just found me online,” said Mr. Patrick, who is also the board chair for the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Virtual training sessions often cost less than in-person training. For example, Mr. Patrick charges $85 for a one-hour virtual training session and $105 for a one-hour in-home training session. “Some of my clients are two hours away, so the price difference covers my commute time and gas expenses,” Mr. Patrick said.”

Mark Forrest Patrick

as see in the New York Times, February 2021